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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Marriage restorationallison lott611-11-2013
My husband (Brian) & marriage are under attack. He has filed & is living in sin. Despite everything I\'m praying for restoration & for the enemy to release him & our marriage. I pray God stays in front on him, gets him on the right path and Brian will accept the hand that Jesus is offering him. There is no contact between us & I pray he comes to me for reconciliation and that he humbles himself before the Lord. I pray Godly people cross his path & that he realizes the grass isn\'t greener on the other side & that what he\'s searching for is what he\'s throwing away. I pray a wedge between anyone or anything coming between my husband and I. I have recently been saved and attend church regularly and believe Prayers work & the numbers praying helps. I welcome prayers anyone has to offer to help fight this spiritual battle. God Bless!

Worsening kidney functionJohn Ramsey1308-30-2013
I was just informed by my doctor\'s office that my kidney function has dropped from 24 percent down to 17 percent. Fifteen percent is the demarcation for needing to be on dialysis.
EmploymentEverett Lathrop707-31-2013
I\'ve been unemployed for almost years now and am in desperate need of a job. Please that God allows me to find a job and soon. Thank you.
Donna Lindsey- Cancer Healing NeededLexi Johnson707-17-2013
My aunt, Donna, was diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer in December, after
undergoing surgery and chemo/radiation, we thought she was in
remission. She found out yesterday that she now has stage IV
metastatic cancer that has spread to her lungs. Please pray for her
healing and peace as well as wisdom for the doctors as they prepare
her treatment plan. Thank you so much!!
Desperatly seeking job & hearingEar DogLisa De Long507-16-2013
I'm caught in a catch 22 I need $500 for a promisary contract with Hearing Ear Dog school( after 1 year if the hearing dog & I graduate the $500 is returned!) However, I need a job! Despite the previous prayer request that is much needed as well,
I want to roll the $500 into an account to pay for the needs of my needed Independence!

Being legally blind& hearing impaired and use a wheelchair is not as easy !

I had a job they took it away because of disability and denied me the actual job that would allow me to be independent and secure because I'm Legally blind!

I' still working through the hurt, anger& hate the devil's playground!

I am grateful for the prayers


God Bless
Journey....Lisa De Long407-16-2013
I'm interested in the Road 2 Recovery program. I'm legally blind and use a wheelchair; I'm in the darkest time of my life. I lost my independence & best friend in September. Everything I know is not working I have drastic changes in housing cost I already struggle to keep the roof over my head and Daily Living. I am seeking employment. I'm ready and ABLED and I have an education and 20 plus years in community services in addition to million volunteer hours(seriously)started at very early age.
I'm grateful for the prayer and kindness of strangers!

Our CountrySusan Martin307-08-2013
Please join me in Rev. Vernon's challenge to pray for our country at least 3x a day for at least a year. Our country has a need for revival and it is up to each and everyone of us to see that that is what happens. Where 2 or more are gathered in his name, there he will be also.
My family seems like it is breaking apart. My mother, who has been living with me for over 30 years has chosen to be estranged from me. I do not even know where she is. She has been gone for over 6 weeks now. It hurts so much. Our daughter took money from our checking account and the other house we have will likely go into foreclosure because the money she took would have gone for the mortgage payment. I am sure the devil is at work. I have turned the problem over to our Lord and I know he is taking care of it. Not only do I need prayer so does the rest of my family.
Remembering The 19 Fallen FirefightersDiann L Reid607-01-2013
I am requesting that all of us remember the 19 fallen firefighters in Prescott, Arizona who gave the ultimate sacrifice on Sunday, June 30, 2013. We need to keep the families and friends of all these brave firefighters in our thoughts and prayers.
Need work for my rent this weekJoseph Gonsalves706-29-2013
I need a prayer for work for today or tomorrow so I don't get thrown out of the motel I am staying in. My car broke down and still hasn't been fixed. Without a place to stay and a vehicle, I don't how long I can survive. I ask for a prayer, please. I have tried everything possible. I am a veteran. Please pray for me.